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Painter, teacher of art and composer, living and working in Zemun, (Belgrade). Besides his working in a school and his painting, he is occupied by music as composer and guitarist. He is a member of ULUS, an Association of paint artists of Serbia and by now he has accomplished a great number of collective and individual expositions in his country, and has participated in some expositions abroad. I emphasize the exposition of graphics in Galery of “Stara Kapetanija” 2000 named “Cut out reality” as well as participation at colony of fine arts “Široka staza” 2001, 2002 in Zemun. At recent times he is more and more occupied by digital art – painting at the computer. For his collection of digital paintings he won the first prize at the festival “Art-teck” in Pančevo, 2002. At the field of pedagogy, besides his working in a school, he is also the founder of DELIS – children festival of fine arts in Zemun. He is presiding of active of fine arts pedagogues of Zemun.